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Name: Mobile Computing Architecture for Multiplatform Adaptation
Abstract     Mobile phones are widely used in our daily life, not only as a simple telecommunication tools but also as powerful data communication devices. There are many mobile phone brands in the market and each brand has its own proprietary operating system, such as Symbian, Linux, RIM, Windows Mobile, Apple, and Palm etc. A lot of mobile applications are being developed for personal and industrial use. However, these applications are platform-specific and can run only on the particular supported mobile phone, i.e. mobile operating system. Even Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP 2.0) ready mobile phones have different Java Virtual Machines, which means, a Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME) application developed on one platform may not be compatible with others. This incompatibility has become a big barrier in developing and applying mobile applications which require client side program support. For example, an m-Learning system with grouping feature requires a client program running on a mobile phone to acquire and send the mobile phone’s current network field data or GPS coordinates to server. Such incompatibility means, a large number of client-side modules need to be developed to suit different platforms and it may still be possible that they may not work on many existing and future mobile devices. This research arms to investigate different mobile operating systems in the market, to identify the differences among the mobile operating systems, to explore possible options in mobile programming, and to develop a solution: mobile programming adaptation to multi-platforms from software engineering prospective. The research topics covered under this extension are as follows: 1. An investigation of mobile operating systems and the differences 2. Possible solutions on mobile programming for multi-platform application 3. Mobile programming adaptation for multi-platform 4. A case study of multi-platform mobile programming for industrial application
Start Date 2008-11-01
End Date 2009-02-01
Research Areas
location-aware computingmobile technologiessoftware implementation
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