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Athabasca University

2015 Proceedings of Science and Technology Innovations

Editors: Maiga Chang and Farook Al-Shamali
ISBN: 978-1-987973-00-6 (print),  978-1-987973-01-3 (online)

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Table of Content

Lisa Carter

Chapter 1

Identification of Low Nutrient Response Genes in the Bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa with Hierarchical Clustering
Bertrand Sodjahin,  Shauna Reckseidler-Zenteno, Shawn Lewenza, Vive S. Kumar, and Junye Wang

Chapter 2

The Anomalous Behaviour of Water: A Simple Experiment
Farook Al-Shamali

Chapter 3

Integrated Modeling of the Athabasca River Basin using SWAT
Getnet D. Betrie, Baoqing Deng, and Junye Wang

Chapter 4

Improving Learning based on the Identification of Working Memory Capacity, Adaptive Context Systems, Collaborative Learning and Learning Analytics
Richard A.W. Tortorella, Darin Hobbs, Jeff Kurcz, Jason Bernard, Silvia Baldiris, Ting-Wen Chang, and Sabine Graf

Chapter 5

Enhancing Mathematical Problem-Solving Experiences through Learning Analytics
Rébecca Guillot, David Boulanger, Jérémie Seanosky, Vivekanandan Kumar, and Kinshuk

Chapter 6

Data Analytics for Education and Healthcare
Maiga Chang

Chapter 7

Enhancing Music Prowess through Analytics
Claudia Guillot, Rébecca Guillot, Vivekanandan Kumar, and Kinshuk

Chapter 8

Semi-Supervised Product Specifications Extraction from the Web
George Krys and Ebrahim Bagheri

Chapter 9

User Modeling for Course Planning and Scheduling
Fuhua Lin, M. Ali Akber Dewan, and Alex Newcomb

Chapter 10

Multi-Agent Well Scheduling: A Prototype Implementation Using CNP and JADE
Jivko Hristov, Graham Lange, Fuhua Lin, M. Ali Akber Dewan, Xiaokun Zhang, and Saadat Khan             

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