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Athabasca University



Centre for Science

Professor Emeritus

Adjunct Professors

  • Dr. Chris Earle - Professor of Biology and Environmental Science, Concordia University College of Alberta
  • Dr. Garth Edwards
  • Dr. Harriet Harris - Professor of Biology and Environmental Science, Concordia University College of Alberta
  • Dr. David Locky - Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Grant MacEwan University
  • Dr. Ian Macdonald, Professor Emeritus, Architecture, University of Winnipeg
  • Dr. Kelman Weider, Professor, Department of Biology, Villanova University, Villanova, PA

RAIC Center for Architecture


  • Trevor Butler (PEng, CEng, LEED® AP)
  • William J.E. Curran (Architect, OAA, LEED® AP)
  • Patrick Froment (B.Sc., B.Ed., C.E.T.)
  • Lenore Hietkamp (B.A., M.A.)
  • Keesa Hutchinson (Architect, AAA, MRAIC)
  • Barry Magrill (B.A., M.A., Ph.D.)
  • David Murray (Architect, AAA, FRAIC)
  • Sunil Nakai (B.Sc. Eng.)
  • Allan Partridge (Architect, AAA, MAIBC, MRAIC, SCO, LEED® AP)
  • Neil Prakash (Architect, MAIB)
  • Xenia Semeniuk (Landscape Architect, MLA, BCSLA, CSLA, LEED® AP ND)

School of Computing and Information Systems

Adjunct Professors

  • Dr. Ebrahim Bagheri - Assistant Professor, Ryerson University, Canada
  • Dr. Nian-Shing Chen - Distinguished Professor, Information Management Department, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan
  • Dr. Ronghuai Huang - Professor and Deputy Dean, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, China
  • Dr. Mohamed Jemni - Professor and Head of Research, Unit of Technologies of Information and Communication, University of Tunis, Tunisi
  • Dr. Qun Jin - Professor, Networked Information Systems Laboratory, Department of Human Informatics and Cognitive Sciences, Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University
  • Dr. Demetrios G Sampson - Associate Professor, Department of Digital Systems, University of Piraeus, Greece
  • Dr. George Siemens - Associate Director, Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute, Athabasca University
  • Dr. Chunsheng Yang - Senior Research Officer, Institute for Information Technology, National Research Council of Canada
  • Dr. J. Michael Spector - Professor and Department Chair, Department of Learning Technologies, University of North Texas, USA
  • Dr. Amal Zouaq - Assistant Professor, Royal Military College of Canada



Course Production and Development

Barbara Adamski
Course Materials Editor

Heather Babiak
Multimedia Web Specialist

Shauna Babiuk
Course Materials Editor

Yasamine Coulter
Course Materials Editor

Audrey Krawec
Multimedia Web Specialist

Sandra Law
Learning Designer

Hongxin Yan
Learning Designer

Jingfen Zhang
Visual Communication Designer

Technical and Administrative

Karie Chambers
Student Support and Program Advisor

Dianna Freh
Student Support and Advising Specialist

Linda Gray
Administrative Assistant and Graduate Program Advisor

Joelle Jackson
Assistant to the Dean

Emma Lowry
Student Support and Advising Specialist

Carole Mason
Program Administrator

Chris Maton
Information Architect

Lyla McDonald
Student Support and Advising Specialist

Jody McGarry-Liddell
Coordinator, Student Services

Carli McKinnon
Student Support and Advising Specialist

Richard Nolan
Systems Administration Support

Laurel Olchowy
Student Support and Advising Specialist

Karen Stauffer
Programmer Analyst

Carla Trudeau
Administrative Course Assistant


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