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The Faculty of Science and Technology Seeks to Expand Graduate Offerings

August 22, 2019

The Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) is busy with the promotion of new opportunities to further your careers, and we are inviting you to stay tuned.

To enable Athabasca University (AU) to play a prominent role in training graduates with pertinent qualifications in an evolving economy, FST is exploring the development of two new graduate programs: a Master of Science in Earth System Science (MScESS) as well as a Master of Architecture (MArch).

Master of Science in Earth System Science

Current trends in environmental awareness highlight the importance of learning about interconnections between all things that affect our planet including the land, air, water and living organisms. We are proposing a MScESS that would offer an interdisciplinary program that trains students to look at the Earth as a system and to apply integrated technology-based solutions to solve complex global issues.

We have found that trends from provincial and national forecasts show that the demand for graduates with multidisciplinary skills in the physical and natural sciences will be in high demand over the foreseeable future. Having a degree in MScESS, graduates would be primed for employment in many fields, such as geologists, geochemists, geophysicists, computer programmers, biologists and related scientists, professionals in support of health services, academics, and occupations in the life and physical sciences.

The advantage of this program, which is offered over 3 years of fulltime study (4-5 years of part-time study), is that it would largely be online and would feature the selection of either a thesis-based or course-based stream. Opportunities to work with AU researchers would provide cutting edge experience for students in either stream.

Master of Architecture

Architecture is an exciting profession that brings together the best of the arts and sciences. Now, more than ever before, the world needs highly trained professionals to deal with emerging problems, such as global warming and sustaining structures that are impacted by these problems.

Building on the success of its Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Athabasca University’s Centre for Architecture, which is part of the Faculty of Science and Technology, is developing a Master of Architecture.

The proposed program will provide a pathway for working professionals (and architectural technologists in particular) to obtain a graduate degree in architecture while continuing to work and to remain in their communities.

The program will feature academic and technical courses in an integrated learning and training environment using web-based platform and virtual design studios. It will also include a brief ten-day residency in Alberta to introduce learners to the course of study and path to success in architecture.

For both proposed programs, the flexible and self-paced approach is ideal for those with career and family commitments and builds on Athabasca University’s proven track record as a global leader in online education.

Initial enrolment for the programs is targeted for 2021 (MScESS) and 2022 (MArch), should the proposals be approved by Alberta Advanced Education. Updates will be provided as progress is made.

If you are interested in learning more about these new developments or being kept abreast of the progress, drop a line to our team and leave us your contact info at:

Dr. Ken Munyikwa, Associate Dean
Dr. Douglas MacLeod, Chair
Dr. Lisa Carter, Dean
Faculty of Science and Technology

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