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Athabasca University

Past Research Chairs

Dr. Martin Connors

Dr. Martin Connors  is the Canada Research Chair in Space Science, Instrumentation and Networking and Professor in the Centre for Science at Athabasca University. A world-renowned expert in asteroids and near-earth objects, his research interests include Auroral currents, craters on Earth and on Venus, technology in science education and impact and dynamics of asteroids. Dr. Connors and two colleagues, Paul Weigert and Christian Veillet, discovered Earth’s first Trojan Asteriod in 2011. Dr. Connors is also in charge of the Athabasca University Geophysical Observatory located in northern Alberta.


Dr. Dragan Gašević  

Dr. Dragan Gašević is a Canada Research Chair in Semantic Technologies and an Associate Professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems at Athabasca University. His research interests include semantic and social technologies for self-regulated, collaborative and organizational learning; learning analytics, service-oriented architectures, and software language engineering. Dr. Gašević is dedicated to research with high impact results and closely collaborates with industrial partners, including IBM Canada and Warranty Life. A recipient of numerous research awards, Dr. Gašević is holder of the Discover Grant of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada.


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