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Athabasca University

Bachelor of Science of Architecture is Now Open

July 01, 2014

As of July 1, the online Bachelor of Science in Architecture offered by Athabasca University and Architecture Canada | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) is open and ready for students to enrol.

"The philosophy behind this program is very unique," said Barry Johns, chancellor of the College of Fellows of the RAIC and one of the people who helped to shape the program. "It's a work-study program, so it enables people with experience in practice, for example in construction or an architect's office, to connect with the academic world of architecture. But unlike many architecture programs where you have to be a full-time student, you don't have to leave your place of employment. You can continue your education part-time at your own pace."

The first online degree of its kind in Canada, the BSc in Architecture is administered by the RAIC Centre for Architecture within AU's Faculty of Science and Technology. Students can complete the academic portion of the BSc entirely through AU, or if they have a relevant diploma, they may be able to transfer the diploma and complete the program as a post-diploma degree.

"This is a remarkable program that will allow aspiring architects to break down education barriers they've had in the past," said Dr. Lisa Carter, the dean of AU's Faculty of Science and Technology. "It also enables people in related fields, or other people who are simply interested in learning about architecture, to study architecture within a flexible format."

"We've been working on this degree for quite some time, so we're thrilled to finally open it up to students."

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